Craig Maldonado


The difficulty of this project cannot be overestimated: converting a nearly abandoned 18 acre nudist colony in Maui into a functioning organic farm and vacation compound for the client and their many guests. Craig’s work here, as turnkey leader, is tremendously far reaching and demands many skills—not only design, but project management, general contracting, staff hiring, self reliance, ingenuity and natural instincts in working with a notoriously insular Hawaiian community on a site revered as sacred by its natives. From serving as the client liaison to the realtors during purchasing, to complicated survey work in the jungle, to hiring organic gardeners, Craig is there every step of the way, as well as assembling the permanent staff to take on the lifework of running the farm after infrastructure is established. At its peak, he runs a crew of 35 employees plus subcontractors, not only as the chief designer, but also as the general contractor. READ MORE