Craig Maldonado


The challenge: taking apart a seemingly perfect three million dollar historic house with a nearly new pool, and transforming the backyard into a true oasis. The client, an avid swimmer, requests an official Olympic length pool of 25 meters, or 82 feet, which barely fits within zoning set backs. This new, tremendous pool is entirely “natural”: a sophisticated oxygen ozone/uv light/copper silver purification system insures that chemicals will never need to be added (the pool is even filled with 60,000 gallons of purified water). Three hundred and fifty fiberoptic lights are scattered along the bottom on the pool using the constellation map as a layout. Inside the house, the master bedroom is located to the center of the house, creating a large upstairs stone patio from which to view the newly developed grounds. A second floor deck is added, including a sandblasted wood arbor with California grapes for shade in a previously blistering hot patio. The redesign of the south facade not only melds seamlessly with the historic English manor style architecture, but also creates a dramatic presence and reorients the house rightfully toward the pool. The General Contractor for the pool is Avanti Pools and water filtration by Oxygen Ozone; Cal Asia Construction built the deck and arbor under Craig’s direction as the project designer as well as the client representative.