Craig Maldonado


A photographer’s studio needs to be relocated from the East Village of New York to Los Angeles. Craig selects a 12,600 square foot open plan brick and bowstring truss building in the heart of the media district and builds it out to roughly 16,000 square feet with second level office space. His role as both the designer and project manager is to create the feeling of an old Hollywood studio.

The building consists of five shooting areas, (two of which are five walled cycloramas) two hair and make-up rooms, two wardrobes suites, four offices, large workshop, a natural daylight editing suite, and a separate apartment / living quarters which serves as the client’s private space. Many of the details in this studio are born out of a collaboration with the client developed similarly to the way Craig and David execute photo sets—for example, in hiring scenic artists rather than painters to achieve special wall treatments like tea staining, aging, and peeling paint effects. Here, Craig cultivates his obsession for salvaged materials, particularly doors, windows, hardware, bathroom fixtures, and furniture.