Craig Maldonado


The Mirage ArtCar is now a interactive, immersive art happening that employs physical and digital mirroring in both daytime and nighttime to engage festival attendees in a never repeating generative lightshow. Physically, the 26 foot vehicle is entirely wrapped in one-way mirror allowing for the driver to navigate the landscape while providing the festival goers a abstract view of reality. At night the Mirage is wrapped in a mesh of thousands of RGB LED’s that illuminate it’s mirrored skin and work together to create a dazzling lightshow. At close distance, the lights that cover the vehicle’s surface function as abstract washes of color and illumination for the crowd, while from further away they coalesce into defined shapes and images as a giant video wall. Mirage is a constantly evolving and using new sound and visualization technologies in conjunction with purpose built custom software to push audience participation with each successive show. The ultimate goal of the Mirage ArtCar is to engage, inspire and involve participants in the festival experience.

The Mirage is created by Craig Maldonado, Brendan Burke, and Erland Sanborn.